Dodge Street Subway Renovation
In 1934, a “subway” was constructed at 51st project that widened Dodge Street. The subway was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. It is the last remaining pedestrian tunnel in Omaha. The primary reason for the subway was to provide a safe way for school children to cross Dodge Street. As the tunnel reaches 80 years old, it is in need of renovation. The Dundee Memorial Park Association has decided to take on a renovation and rejuvenation of this historic landmark. This is where we need your help. »
Learn How to Help (PDF)
Learn More About the Budget and Timeline (PDF)


Flower Baskets
In 1997, Dan Rock came up with the idea of hanging flower baskets on the historic globe light poles in the neighborhood. Volunteers plant over 475 flower baskets each March and the baskets are put out on Mother's Day weekend. Block captains for each participating street collect donations each fall for the spring flower baskets. Volunteers use two pick up trucks with large water tanks to water the flower baskets each day. The baskets remain up until early October when they are taken down by volunteers. The project is currently led by Peter Manhart and funded by donations. If you do not know your block captain or your block does not have a captain, you can contact the neighborhood association to get more information.


Streetcar Monument Lighting 2016

New LED lighting was installed to illuminate the streetcar monument at night with the help of a grant from the Midtown Neighborhood Alliance.  The new lighting will reduce energy consumption while providing a safe environment for visitors at night.


Streetlight Refinishing
Dundee Memorial Park has 328 old cast iron street lights.  The surfaces of about 70% of them are in very poor condition.  This project is to sandblast, prime, and paint them. So far, 69 poles have been refinished.


Rose Garden Sculpture
DMPA President Bob Welk chaired this project. Funding was provided by an anonymous donor and a Mayor Fahey Neighborhood Improvement Grant.
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Walking Tour Map
Download this map to guide you to points of interest during a walk through the neighborhood.
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Happy Hollow Blvd & Dodge St. Island Renovation 2013
Through a $5,000 grant from the Mutual of Omaha Foundation, DMPA did an extensive renovation of the island garden. Old plants were removed and new soil was brought in for new, highly tolerant plants. A new tree was also planted on the island along with new mulch. All of the design work and plantings were done by Indian Creek Nursery.

Historic Dundee Signs 2012
Eight bronze “Historic Dundee” signs were installed at the main entrances to the Dundee-Memorial Park neighborhood. Funding was provided by a grant from the Kiewit Foundation, Mayor Fahey’s Neighborhood Grant and the Dundee-Memorial Association.

The signs are located at:

  • J.E. George Blvd & Underwood Ave
  • 52nd St. & Western Ave
  • 48th & California St.
  • 49th St. & Dodge St.
  • 50th St. & Leavenworth St.
  • 52nd St. & Jones St.
  • Happy Hollow Blvd & Leavenworth St.
  • Dodge St. & Happy Hollow Blvd

Scanning of Original Dundee Building Permits 2012
When DMPA was applying for National Historic District designation, all of the original building permits for Dundee were obtained from the City of Omaha and copied. While those permits were being copied, all of the original permits from the rest of the City were accidentally destroyed so the Dundee permits are the only permits remaining. In an effort to preserve these records for the future and to make them more accessible to the public, DMPA had all of the records digitally scanned. The records are available on our website here.

Dundee-Happy Hollow National Historic District Designation 2005
The National Parks Service approved the creation of the Dundee-Happy Hollow Historic District on July 22, 2005. Neighborhood residents did extensive research on all of the structures in the neighborhood as part of the application process. This designation covers the entire Dundee-Memorial Park neighborhood.

Dundee, Neb History Book 2001
Under the leadership of Dan Rock, a comprehensive book was published by DMPA on the history of the neighborhood. The book is available in most libraries and can also be purchased from DMPA.

Re-Tree Midtown Tree Planting 2008-Present
In the aftermath of the devastating wind storm in June, 2007, DMPA proposed to the Midtown Neighborhood Alliance that a new tree planting effort be initiated to help Midtown neighborhoods replace lost trees. The result was the creation of Re-Tree Midtown. DMPA has participated each year on planting new trees at no cost to homeowners along the public right of way. Funding for these projects has come from the Kiewit Foundation, OPPD, Papio-Missouri River NRD, Nebraska Statewide Arboretum and the Mayor’s Grant. Volunteers planted the trees and several of the project plantings were organized by Boy Scouts.

The following tree plantings have been done through Re-Tree Midtown:

  • 52nd St. (Underwood Ave to Dodge St.)
  • 52nd St. (Farnam St. to Leavenworth St.)
  • 50th St. (California St. to Leavenworth St. and Howard St. to Leavenworth St.)
  • 50th St. (Howard St. to Leavenworth St.)
  • 50th Ave., 51st St., & 51st Ave ( Dodge St. to Howard St.)
  • Capitol Ave., Davenport St., Chicago St., Webster St., Izard St., Cuming St., & Burt St. (50th to 52nd St.)
  • Capitol Ave., Davenport St., California St., Cass St., & Chicago St. (48th to 50th St.)

Neighborhood-wide Tree Survey 2013

Through funds provided by DMPA and a $500 mini-grant from the Midtown Neighborhood Alliance, Indian Creek Nursery surveyed the entire neighborhood providing a data base of locations and species types for future tree plantings. This data base will be used for Re-Tree Midtown projects as well as for other tree planting projects.

Tree Survey (PDF)


Memorial Park Rose Garden Ascension Sculpture 2009
Through an anonymous donation, DMPA commissioned artist Jake Balcom to create a sculpture to be placed in the center of the Memorial Park Rose Garden. His sculpture, Ascension, was meant to exist in harmony with the rose garden and memorial. It depicts life rising out of the ground and the vibrant nature of the garden. The sculpture was dedicated on June 6, 2009.


Welcome Packets for New Residents
DMPA sends a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” letter to all new homeowners moving into Dundee-Memorial Park. Dundee merchants generously provide welcoming gifts and coupons to let the new residents of our neighborhood know what they have to offer.

Dundee Clock 1997
Through the donations of many individuals and businesses, a four-sided replica of a 1930's era street clock was installed in the heart of the Dundee business district at 50th and Underwood Avenue in 1997. The clock has become an important neighborhood landmark and is recognized throughout Omaha as a symbol of Dundee. The chimes on the clock remind residents of a time gone by. In 2013, the clock was removed in order to make repairs and renovations after 16 years in the elements. It was re-installed in 2014 when the streetscape project was completed working better than ever.

Streetcar Monument 2002
Dundee owes much of its early success to the Omaha streetcar line that connected it with downtown. In 2001-02, DMPA worked with artists Jay Tschetter and Susan Horn to create a brick relief wall monument to honor the streetcar's importance to Dundee. The monument is located at Happy Hollow Blvd and Underwood Ave near the turnaround for the streetcar line that ended service in 1955. The monument was constructed entirely with private donations.

Annual Neighborhood Clean Up Day
Each spring, the City of Omaha designates a date for the neighborhood clean-up. The City provides garbage trucks and DMPA organizes the location and metal/electronics recyclers. DMPA also provides the volunteers to assist with unloading of trash and collects donations for A.V. Sorensen Library. Brownell-Talbot School generously allows the use of their parking each year for the clean-up.

Bombing of Dundee Commemorative Plaque 1992
In 1992, DMPA erected a plaque at 50th & Underwood Ave. commemorating the 50th anniversary of the “bombing” of Dundee on April 18, 1945. On that date, a Japanese fire balloon exploded over Dundee as part of a campaign to terrorize American cities during World War II. No one was hurt by the explosion which was kept secret until after the end of the war.

Street Island Gardens
Dundee-Memorial Park is unique in that there are numerous street islands throughout the neighborhood. Each year, the City of Omaha provides plantings for the islands. Each island has volunteers who take the responsibility to do the plantings and maintenance of the gardens.
Street Island Photos (PDF)

Block Captains
As part of the flower basket program, each street in Dundee has a volunteer block captain who is responsible for collecting donations for the flower baskets.  Block captains can also serve as a direct connection for neighborhood watch.

DMPA continues to maintain a website to make it easier for residents to get information about what is going on in the neighborhood and for people outside the neighborhood to learn more about Dundee-Memorial Park. In 2014, DMPA undertook a complete renovation and updating of the website.


Block Party Street Barricades
One of the great traditions of Dundee are the numerous block parties that residents have each year. Dundee prides itself as being a neighborhood where you know your neighbors. DMPA provides free of charge street barricades for residents to safely block off their street from traffic during these events.

Monthly Newsletter
From its beginning, DMPA has published a monthly newsletter to keep residents informed about issues and events in the neighborhood. The newsletter has been generously supported by local advertisers. In 2014, the newsletter became available in an electronic version.